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Ola Sholarin is currently a Senior Lecturer at Westminster Business School. He is the postgraduate module leader for Project Appraisal and Management, and International Business Economics. He has recently served as moderator in Corporate Finance with Westminster International University in Tashkent. Ola supervises project work for a number of postgraduate students from across Westminster Business School. His main teaching area focuses on Quantitative and Financial Economics. Ola graduated from Kiev State Economic University with PhD in Mathematical Economics awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Before joining the University of Westminster, Ola worked as Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Central Institute of Mathematical Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. During the early period of his career at the University of Westminster, he worked briefly for Midland Investments Corporation in London and in Moscow as Equity Research Analyst where he focused on Russian energy stocks and Fixed Income products.

Ola's research interests cover fixed income securities and their derivatives. These include Mortgage-Backed Securities, Securitization of Future Receivables, Collateralized Debt Obligations and financial risk modeling.

Ola has a rich and broad profile of professional expertise. He has served as research contributor on Educational Experiences and Achievements in London - a research project funded by the London Development Agency for office of the Mayor of London. Ola has also served as research contributor alongside a multinational research panel for Barclaycard on wide areas of financial issues including securitization of credit card receivables. Ola has featured as guest speaker at Central Bank of Nigeria. He has also featured as guest speaker at The Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit in England - a think-tank policy-research body for an association of 53 independent countries.


PhD Mathematical Economics (Kiev) PGCE (London) MSc Economics (Kiev)


2006"Barclaycard Opinion Leader Panel Research 2006"

Contractor: Opinion Leader Research Group

Role: Research facilitator