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Francois Roubert is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science specialised in the design and development of interactive and collaborative systems, computer-supported co-operation, e-science, database systems and Web development.

He has extensive experience in degree programme management as he was Course Leader of the BSC Computer Science for over 8 years. In this role, he was responsible for designing, developing, maintaining and managing the largest Undergraduate Degree Programme in the faculty (around 500 students).

His current teaching interests are articulated around the design and development of advanced interactive Web solutions, database-driven Web applications and database systems.

His research is very much interdisciplinary insofar as it concentrates on the design of e-science interactive technologies to support the organisation and coordination of experimental practices in large biomedical research, particularly in the field of nanoscience.


Currently Francois Roubert is Module Leader of 2 modules – Database Design and Practice 1 and Server-side Web Development. He is also involved in the teaching of Computer Science Practice, Critical Thinking and Server-side Web Development. His teaching interests covers a wide range of technologies such as SQL, XML, XSLT, XQuery, XPath, PHP, HTML and CSS.

He was also an IT Instructor on Professional Training Courses in Business and Computing for over 8 years designing and delivering a range of professional training courses in HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, SSADM and UML.


Francois Roubert is an interdisciplinary researcher. His research is interested in probing interactions and cooperative processes between cross-disciplinary teams of practitioners in a range of disciplines, with an emphasis currently on biomedical science and nanoscience. He is particularly concerned with understanding how scientits use a range of co-ordinative artefacts to coordinate their experimental activities in large multi-sited projects across disciplinary and organisational boundaries. He seeks to investigate innovative ways to design digital interactive artefacts to support these distributed teams of scientists in coordinating their enquiry work to achieve concerted action. He is supervising and is very much disposed to supervise students who have an interest in the design and development of interactive systems to support the coordination of working activities in a range of organisations.