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Ochi Reyes is a practising photographer and educator. She was born in Madrid. After studying at Murcia School of Art she moved to London and completed a degree in Photographic Arts in 2010 and an MA in Photographic Studies in 2013, both at Westminster University.

Her photographic practice questions the boundaries between self and other, exploring how the outside world enters and inscribes itself on the body. While her work is always grounded in personal events and intimate emotional states, Ochi connects these with broader notions of identity shaped by the outer world. She is particularly interested in the construction of gender and sexuality, as well as in questions of kinship and how these inform individual and collective identity.

Her work has been exhibited in Europe and the UK including TATE Modern London, The Photographers Gallery and PHOTOESPAÑA and published in photography review magazines such as SOURCE, 1000 Words Photography or Cien Ojos.

Ochi teaches photographic practice in the BA Photography course.