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I was educated at King's College, London, Philosophy (BA Hons) Text and Performance (MA) and The University of East London and The Tavistock Clinic (MA) Psychoanalytic Studies.

My present interests lie in Ethics, Gender in Publishing, Communication and the Appropriation of Language in the New Economy


I teach across all under graduate levels and post graduate to MA. I am a personal tutor at all levels. I supervise dissertations at MA level. My subject areas are Psychology/Psychoanalysis, Ethics and Philosophy of Ethics, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Creative Writing.


2018 The Irish Times, Why You Need To Read: Article on Debord's Society of the Spectacle

2017  in Eire Ireland Journal of the Irish American Cultural Institute, Irish Review Culture in Relation to Female Writing.

Conference paper given to Corporate Finance Law, Cyprus 2017, Capital and Language, Immaterial Labour and the Writer in the New Economy

2016 - 2015 Series of articles on Publishing and Gender for The Irish Times and The People's Daily Morning Star

2010 Chapter 9 Ethics, Unlocking Human Resource Management, London Hodder Education.