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Ayine is a Lecturer in Economics and Finance. He joined the university as a student in January 2015 and completed his PhD in 2018. Before joining Westminster Business School, he graduated with his first degree in 2009, an MBA in 2011, an MSc (Econ) in 2013, and a PGCE/PgCertSSSL in 2016.

Previously, he worked for the National Audit Chambers, Government of South Sudan, and later seconded as a senior lecturer at the Catholic University of Sudan / South Sudan. To date, Ayine is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). 


Undergraduate: Managerial Economics, Business Decision Making,  Money Banking and Financial Markets, and Global Business Environment.

Postgraduate: Finance


Ayine's research interests include Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Economic Growth and Productivity