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Dr Lee has lived and worked in South Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom, and is fluent in Korean, Japanese and English. She is a strategic marketing specialist with knowledge of how a national cultural value system transforms organizational culture. Dr Lee has worked at Brunel University; Royal Holloway, University of London; and is associated with a research project at Birkbeck, University of London. Dr Lee has published widely and has participated in a number of workshops involving the private sector and the public sector.


Dr Lee has experience of teachning a number of marketing modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Dr Lee is associated with the following modules at WBS. 

Term 1 

BBUS 404 

BMKT 603 

BMKT 604 (Module Leader) 

Term 2 

BMKT 401

BMKT 507 

BMKT 603 

BMKT 604 

MSc, MA and MBA Dissertation supervision


Dr. Lee's research has linked aspects of general management with management policy and practice, and added to the strategic marketing body of knowledge by incorporating the concept of organizational resilience. 

Currently, Dr. Lee's research focuses on the issue of technology development and consumerism in technology utilization. She is also researching various aspects of management policy in relation to risks in cyber space. 

Dr. Lee has published a wide range of material relating to marketing and strategy, and her work has appeared in the European Journal of Marketing; Gaming & Simulation: An International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research; and the European Business Review.