About me

Born in Cali - Colombia, she moved to London more than 20 years ago. Originally trained as an Architect she came to London to study Contemporary Media Practicesat Westminster University, where she currently works as a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Animation.

She also works as a freelance filmmaker/animator as a Director and collaborator. As a Director, shw has to her credits the short film Andares in Time of War (1999) won the best short film award at Cartagena International Film Festival and Huelva Film Festival, among others. She has also produced and directed short documentaries most recently Juan’s Claws (2016), a celebration of one man's courage against all odds, winner of the Recognition award: Disability issues from the Best Shorts Competition; and the short film Greater than Love (2017), nominated for the Inspirations Award for the AHRC Research in Film Awards 2017, produced in collaboration with Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York, focuses on the experiences of human rights defenders at risk in Latin American Countries. Sofia's Portrait (2018) short documentary is currently being shown in Human Rights festivals around the world, dealing with the social injustice people with disability suffer in Latin American countries.  She is currently working of her first documentary 360 film,  


She teaches Animation and digital skills to students of the BA Illustration and Visual Communication degree for more than 15 years. 


In the area of research she is looking into the significant role of animation within the contemporary documentary film genre and exploring its possibilities within VR.