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I am a Lecturer in Translation Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. I completed a 4-year degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada, followed by a Masters in Advanced Studies in Translation and Interpreting. In June 2013, I was awarded a PhD in Translation, which focuses on the role of interpersonal competence in translator training. I also hold qualifications in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and TEFL.

I started my academic career as a Visiting Lecturer in Translation in 2009. Since then I have worked in several universities, including the University of Westminster, Imperial College, UCL and Royal Holloway University of London.

I combine freelancing with teaching, which allows me to be up-to-date with translation practice and bring my expertise to the classroom.

I am a member of the European Society for Translation Studies (ETS).


I teach the following translation-related modules across the undergraduate and postgraduate languages programmes:

  • Spanish Translation 2 (English into Spanish)
  • Spanish Translation 3 (English into Spanish)
  • Translation in Society: Language, Ideology and Communication
  • Translation as Cultural Practice: Language, Metaphor and Institutional Context
  • Main Language Technical Translation (English into Spanish)
  • Principles and Concepts in Translation and Interpreting

I also provide students with one-to-one supervision of projects in the following modules:

  • MA Thesis (1SHA7A2)
  • MA Translation Project (1TRA7A0)
  • BA Translation Project (STRA600)

In addition, I am a translator mentor in a distance learning specialist training course for the CIoL Diploma in Translation. In the past I have also taught Spanish (at all levels), Publishing Skills, Web Design and ICT for translators.


My main research interests lie in the fields of translator training and languages, particularly translator competence, interpersonal competence, collaborative learning and student-centered teaching methodologies.

Research publications 

Huertas Barros Elsa and Vine J Translator trainers' perceptions of assessment: an empirical study Oxford, UK Peter Lang

Huertas Barros Elsa and Vine J (2015) Assessing the situation: closing the gap in translation assessment The Linguist 54 (4) 22-24

Huertas Barros E (2013) La competencia interpersonal en la formación de traductores en España: un estudio empírico-descriptivo del trabajo colaborativo durante la primera etapa de formación en Traducción e Interpretación PhD thesis Universidad de Granada Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación

Huertas Barros E (2011) Collaborative Learning in the Translation Classroom: Preliminary Survey Results JoSTrans - The Journal of Specialised Translation 2 42-60 1740-357X

Huertas Barros E and Vigier Moreno FJ (2010) El grupo de discusión como técnica de investigación en la formación de traductores: dos casos de su aplicabilidad EntreCulturas 2 181-196 1989-5097

Huertas Barros E (2010) El trabajo colaborativo en el aula de traducción: un caso práctico Interlingüística XXI 1059-1069

Buendía Castro M and Huertas Barros Elsa (2007) Controlled Language through the Definitions of Coastal Terms in English in: CamLing 2007: Proceedings of the Fifth University of Cambridge Postgraduate Conference in Language Research Cambridge Institute of Language Research (CILR) pp. 17-24 


For details of all my research outputs, visit my WestminsterResearch profile.