Professor Katharine Heron

Professor of Architecture

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I am Professor of Architecture and my work is focused on developing practice based research. Westminster is a partner in the EU funded Marie Curie ITN project ADAPT-r which is set up to develop an international training network of researchers based in 'venturous practice'. I am currently working to expand the range of research by practice at Westminster.

I was Head of the Department of Architecture from 1997 to 2014, during which time the Department expanded steadily, developed an active research environment and the reputation as a leading place to study architecture. I am currently leading the development of the new Digital Fabrication Laboratories, due to be open in early 2015. I am the founder and Director of AmbikaP3, and I am working on the new exhibition programme with Curator Michael Maziere.

I am a member of the RIBA Education Committee and engaged in their ongoing Review of Architectural Education. I am a member of their Validation Panel. I am a long-term advocate of flexibility in architectural education to support quality and enable diversity, with imagination and inventiveness and sustainability.

As an academic, I have taught and been an external examiner in many UK schools of architecture, and was an advisor to the EPLF in Lausanne. I am a past chair of SCHOSA, chaired the review of the QAA Subject Benchmark for Architecture published 2010. My professional background is in practice as Feary + Heron Architects, where I worked on a range of projects with the arts and community organisations, and numbers of exhibition designs. I am a past chair of the Arts Council's Visual Arts and Architecture Advisory Panels.

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