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Anthony Gorst studied History at the University of Lancaster and International History at the London School of Economics and was a visiting Lecturer at the LSE and the Polytechnic of Central London . He joined the University of Westminster's teaching staff in 1989. He has been Course Leader for the BA History and is currently Course Leader for the BA History and Politics and Senior Tutor in the Department of Social and Historical Studies. His research interests lie in the field of British foreign and overseas policies in the twentieth century and he has published on British military policy in the early Cold War period and the Suez Crisis: he is currently researching the Royal Navy and the East of Suez role in the 1960s.


Level 4 


Britain Abroad: British Foreign Policy since 1815 


The Great Wen: London in the Age of the Victorians 1837-1900 

Level 5 


Historiography and Research Methods 

Level 6 


America and the Vietnam War 


British Defence Policy since 1918 

1HIS670 End of Empire: Decolonisation since 1945 


Practical Work in Historical Archives 

1HIS661 The Origins of the Second World War: a Diplomatic History 1919-1939


The Origins of the Cold War: a Diplomatic History 1939-1953 


History Dissertation


British foreign and defence policy in the twentieth century.