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Dr. Hui Gong is currently working as a lecturer in Fintech at the Westminster Business School (module leader of Computational Methods for Finance and Blockchain Technologies & Cryptocurrencies), one of the winners of the 11th Big Ben Award - Golden Seagull UK Ten Outstanding Chinese Students. Before joining the University of Westminster, Dr. Gong received his doctorate in Financial Mathematics at University College London and worked on quantitative investment and fintech-related projects for investment banks and hedge funds in London.


Dr. Gong is the module leader of two modules in the MSc FinTech and Business Analytics. One is 7FNCE041 Computational Methods for Finance and the other is 7FNCE042W Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies.


Hui's research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and High-Frequency Trading. He published an English version of “Blockchain and Coken Economics: A New Economic Era” in 2019, a book he had co-worked with Professor Dong Yang, who is the deputy dean of Law School of Renmin University of China and director of the Center for Fintech and Internet Security.