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I have degrees in Economics (Cambridge), Psychology (Open University and LSE) and Management (Brunel) and am a qualified accountant (ICAEW). My research focuses primarily on financialization (the impact of financial markets on the strategy and governance of non-financial corporations) with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, both in the UK and internationally. In my international research, I collaborate with academics from the countries studied. I am an Associate of Innogen, a collaborative network based around Edinburgh University and the Open University devoted to work in the life sciences. More recently, I have started researching in other areas of critical accounting including issues of diversity in the accountancy profession.


My teaching is focused on corporate governance and management accounting. I am happy to supervise dissertations, particularly those using qualitative methods, in the following areas: financialization, corporate governance, diversity issues and corporate social responsibility, both in the UK and internationally and management accounting and control, with a focus on strategic aspects such as balanced scorecard implementation. For international work, I am particularly interested in the application of ideas from the comparative capitalisms literature.