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Chantal is a senior lecturer, C Psychologist (BPS) and experienced eclectic consultant. She teaches on the BSc Psychology and BSc Psychology and Counselling programmes and at Masters level. 

Chantal specialises in a wide range of academic and business activities covering a variety of specialised subject areas including leadership, team building, engagement, workplace bullying, luxury services, motivation, job satisfaction, office re-design and workplace romances. 

Aside from her subject expertise in Organisational Psychology, other teaching and specialist interest areas include sexuality, FGM, psychosexual therapy, sexual health, pornography, kink and sex positive education. At present she is a trainee in Clinical Sexology, with a view to qualify as a sex therapist.


Activities and Teaching

Chantal's ongoing activities and teaching interests have led to numerous media outputs including a recent commissioning by The Conversation to write an article about how people engage in sex during lockdown:  Another commissioning by The Conversation focuses on the effects of bullying in the workplace:  Whilst the Anthil podcast explores how to be confident in ones' abilities:

For the Independent, she wrote an article about Boris Johnson and leadership: , which led to an article on leadership for the magazine Modern Woman: and subseuent panelist invitation:

Her interest and research on workplace romances sparked an invite for BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour with presenter Jane Garvey: and conversation on office relationships with Jon Snow, Channel 4 News:

Her successful track record in HE warrants the Teaching Fellow Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; the Elizabeth de Lowerntal Memorial Prize and Staff Appreciation nominations from her students. 


Chantal's academic expertise and experience in industry has led to her book publication: The Psychology of Work: Insights into Successful Working Practices, Kogan Page, in which she reminds us in the importance of bringing back the humane to organizational life. Results of her psychological based research on workplace romances in which she suggests that organizations create unwittingly the 'perfect playground' for relationships to flourish, have been widely reported in The Independent, Guardian, Evening Standard, Times, as well international coverage in The USA Today, Herald. She is also on the BBC expert database and Associated Press commentary registrar.

In parallel, she also featured in the Guardian's Finance Banking Blog, where she provided a theoretical analysis of bankers and their attitudes towards work.

A preliminary write up of her research findings on workplace romances was published in the Journal of Employee Assistance - Managing romance in the workplace

She continues to provide sound bites for international media agencies including ABC Radio Australia and Radio Air New Zealand and is available for commentary for TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, TV documentaries, news' broadcasts, talk shows and/or reality shows. 


For details of all my research outputs, visit my WestminsterResearch profile.