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I am a the course leader for the MSc Cyber security and forensics and involved mainly in teaching security modules  in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Westminster and a researcher in the Security of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities Securities. My main research focuses on looking at how existing security protocols can be used on infrastructure-less decentralised networks such as blockchain networks and the Internet of Things. I am also undertaking a PhD in Internet of things security, investigating the security of the Internet of Things using key pre distribution schemes. 


I am involved in teaching several modules for both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


  • Security and Forensics - (6COSC002W Level 6 Semester 2): This module examines various aspects of computer security and forensics giving a sound introduction to theoretical and practical areas such as network security, cryptography, security architecture and operations security.
  • Information Technology Security - (5BUIS003W Level 5 Semester 1): This module examines the issues involved with recognising security threats to computer systems, their consequences and methods of dealing with such threats. In particular, it provides an overview of access controls, software development security, business continuity, legal issues and compliance, and physical security.


  • Cyber Security Applications - (7BUIS022W, term 2) The module introduces a variety of techniques and frameworks designed to support data security, with particular emphasis on various cryptography techniques. Topics covered include cyber security threats and countermeasures in the large-scale context of cyber warfare at commercial and state level; operational frameworks, cryptography and latest developments and research in the area.
  • Network Security - (7COSC007W , term 1) This module examines various aspects of network security, including theoretical and practical areas. A substantial amount of work will be laboratory based involving the deployment of network security tools, the analysis of network data, identifying security threats to networked computer and devices, their consequences and methods of dealing with such threats. It provides an overview of security issues for networked systems.


My main research activities are in the following topics:

  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain technologies 

Smart cities and smart applications

  • IPv6 and security
  • Digital forensics