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Richard Earle LLB, LLM, MCIArb, TEP, FHEA, solicitor, is a senior lecturer in law in the Westminster Law School at the University of Westminster (formerly a practising solicitor). He is the creator and course leader of the LLM in International & Commercial Dispute Resolution Law course, and the creator and leader of the former MA Conflict Prevention, Dispute Resolution course. His academic focus is on legal and other aspects of peace, conflicts and disputes; international and commercial law, and prevention and resolution processes; corporate foreign direct investment and arbitration; and international tax and taxation.

He has previously published on issues in international commercial arbitration and international tax law.  His latest publication is chapter 7 in an edited book on psychology and foreign direct investment arbitration: 'The Potential Impacts of Psychology in the Resolution of Foreign Direct Investment Disputes by International Investment Arbitration', in Tony Cole (editor), The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration, Wolters Kluwer 2017.


* Course Leader LLM International & Commercial Dispute Resolution Law

  • Module Leader LLM Perspectives on Peace, Conflicts and Disputes
  • Module Leader LLM International Commercial Arbitration
  • Module Leader LLM Multinational Corporate Entities and Foreign Investment
  • Module Leader LLM Foreign Direct Investment Arbitration
  • Module Leader LLM International & Transnational Dispute Processes
  • Module Leader LLM Peace Processes and Law
  • Module Leader LLM Postgraduate Research and Dissertation
  • Module Leader LLB Level 5 Adjudication and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Tutor (formerly module leader) LLM Negotiation: Theory, Contexts & Practice

Tutor (formerly module leader) LLM International Tax Law


  • Peace, conflicts and disputes
  • Arbitration, mediation and negotiation
  • Private international law (conflict of laws)
  • Public international law
  • Public international economic law
  • Corporate foreign direct investment
  • Revenue and taxation
  • Offshore legal issues