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Having originally studied English Literature with History at the University of Gloucestershire, Alison completed the conversion diploma in psychology for graduates at London Metropolitan University in 1999. She followed this with an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology, at the University of Reading. In 2004 Alison was awarded her PhD by the University of London. Carried out at Goldsmiths, her research explored imagination and imagery in the blind and sighted. During her first postdoctoral position, based at the University of Laval in Canada, Alison worked within an international interdisciplinary team of researchers exploring mental representation and movement in people with a disability. Alison's work focused on spatial mental representation in the blind and sighted. In 2006 she was awarded an ESRC small grant, held at Birkbeck, to examine nonvisual spatial mental representation in the blind and sighted. Following completion of this grant, Alison joined the University of Westminster.


Alison has recently been on BBC Radio 4's All in the Mind discussing the teaching and appreciation of art for the visually impaired


Museum experience, Access, Museum impact, Multisensory processing, Spatial perception and spatial attention, Mental representation