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Steve gained a BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology from University of Reading (1991), and later retrained, achieving a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Therapy from the University of Westminster (2003). As part of the Nutritional Therapy Teaching Team, and Teaching-Clinic Supervision Team, at the University of Westminster (2004-2014), Steve lectured/tutored in Physiology, Biochemistry & Phytochemisty, and Reflective Practice; he was also Supervisor for Dissertation students (academic side), and Clinic Supervisor for Student-Practitioners (clinic side). During this time, Steve developed a deeper interested in pedagogy of the development of CAM Clinical students in Higher Education, and gained a Masters in Higher Education with the University of Westminster (2012). From 2014 onwards, Steve has continued as part of the teaching Team for Human Physiology, and lectures in various modules on Nutrition as a therapeutic approach to increasing wellbeing. From 2015 Steve has focused on designing teaching programmes for the development of student-practitioners, to support them embedding evidence-based theory into their therapeutic practices, and to support them develop skills as reflectively self-developing professionals.


Steve has particular interest in integrating rigorous science and critical thinking into CAM practice, and in collaborative practice with allopathic healthcare providers. As an educator, Steve’s focus is around transformational learning processes of mentoring, supervision and preceptorship, as they relate to the development of students into (clinical) professionals. He’s also interested in the value that reflective practice has in enabling the development of self-directed student-learners, and on into professionals capable of focused continuous professional development.


Course Leader: Distance Foundation for Life Sciences (L3). Supporting Distance learning in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physiology.

Lecture: (Attendance) Foundation for Life Sciences (L3). Lecturing, Tutoring, and Assessing in Chemistry, and Physiology.

Course Leader of Herbal Medicine BSc(Hons). Overseeing the development of students into CAM Practitioners

Module Leader & Lecturer in Clinical Practice 1 (L4), and Clinical Practice 2 (L5). Lecturing, Tutoring, and Assessing in Therapeutic Relationship, Reflective Practice, and Practitioner Development.

Other Lecturing. Lecturing in Nutritional Therapy for Chinese/Western Herbal Medicine Practitioners in sessions in various modules L4, L5, L6, L7). Lecturing in Pathophysiology of infections (HIV / Hep C particularly) for Herbal Medicine practitioners (L5).

Group Facilitator of Peer Reflective Supervision Groups (L6, L5, L6). Reflective exploration of Clinical practice experience: turning experience into learning.

Group Tutor in Human Physiology (L4). Supporting the synthesis of information from lectures and texts, into working knowledge.

Other Roles include Departmental Web Co-Ordinator, and Supporting Senior Personal Tutor for FST



(Interests only - No current work-in-progress)

Teaching approaches and methods, for engaging Complimentary Health Students, in science subjects.

Developmental process of reflective learning of students to practitioners – the value and place of tutoring / mentoring / supervision / preceptorship processes.

The use and effectiveness of competency based assessment in supporting the transformational development of students into practitioners.