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Involved in module tutoring on 3rd year undergraduate module in ‘strategic perspectives’ also has until recently held module  leadership of Masters Module at Harrow ‘strategic Fashion Management 7FAMN007W. Involved in validation and redesign of module for re- validation. Currently an active tutor for the major dissertation on the Fashion Management Course at Harrow.

Have built system dynamic models to contribute towards the learning environment for students when I was module leader of the optional MBA module ‘strategic modelling’.

I have in the recent past produced for the  Masters Module at Harrow (7FAMN007W) a unique set of strategy lecture material using examples and lessons associated with specific fashion brands. The material for this drawn in part from my individual tutoring of fashion students through their individual projects when I was module leader of the module.

 I am a current member of the international Systems Dynamics Society and regularly stay in touch with the SD community through workshops and conferences.

Also a Senior Fellow of the HEA of UK


My recent involvement as part of a research team conducting research into inclusive leadership for ENEI  with a brief  on the team for advising on the intersection between leadership and strategy. The research project was sponsored by Affinity Sutton, Santander, and CIPD. This research enabled me to make useful links between leadership ‘style’ and ‘strategic orientation’ in organisations. This has actually fed through into my current teaching. (see my comments in 5.1 below)

Most recent publication (other than research project for ENEI above is an analysis of the impact of ‘diversity’  chapter titled ‘Diversity Innovation and Corporate Strategy’ in ‘Profiting from Diversity’ (2010) Edited by Gloria  Moss, Palgrave McMillan chapter 2 ISBN 978-0-230-51616-8.  I delivered findings of my chapter in this work to several external audiences including being the ‘keynote speaker’ at a diversity conference at city hall London and also as a joint speaker (with Professor Gloria Moss) at diversity event for Glasgow Councell. The key ‘deliverable’ I attempt to disseminate resulting from my work on chapter development, is a methodology that links internal ‘diversity’ with business ‘key success factors’ and provides a way for organisations to conduct an twin track ‘audit’ looking at aligning internal ‘absorptive capacity’ with the requirements of key success factors that need to be met in their business environment context.

Turning to another activity area, I have contributed in co-writing, a research paper for a conference titled ‘Improving Student Learning in Large, Diverse Student Cohorts’: The Impact of Business Simulation Games’ by Sue Balint and Alan David. The learning from this research enabled me to apply lessons learnt directly into the current ‘Mega-learning’ Business Simulation exercise which is an element of the assessment strategy on the 6MNST001W Global Strategic Management third year module

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