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Clive Castillo is currently a lecturer in the College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries, who specialises in digital marketing, web design and user experience.

Clive is a creative professional who has valuable years of experience in the digital field. During his time in the industry, Clive has worked and managed digital projects, including travelling across the world to attend conferences, conduct training sessions and form relationships with partners and clients. He has previously worked with global companies including Kantar Media and Lenovo.


Clive is currently teaching and sharing his digital knowledge and experience across different departments at the University of Westminster, including fashion and digital media. He's a module leader in several modules including Digital Marketing in Fashion, Digital Media Production Project, Design For Mobile Platforms and Web Production at all levels (Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced). 

Recognition & Awards

- UWSU Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience 2017-18

- UWSU Staff Appreciation Award 2017-18