About me

I am currently a lecturer in French Studies at the University of Westminster. Before joining the university, I was a Language Instructor at Queen Mary University of London (2018-2020), where I taught classes on different aspects of the French language all undergraduate levels. I hold a PhD in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies from the University of Nottingham, where I was a teaching associate simultaneously in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures and the Department of Media and Visual Studies (2014-2019).


I teach on French language and culture modules across all undergraduate levels.


My research is interdisciplinary and technology oriented. I am interested in the non-human agents that constitute our everyday life. My PhD thesis aimed to establish a conversation between Bruno Latour and the work of contemporary philosophers in order to articulate a critical theory about everyday life technologies. Therefore, I am interested in studying the agency of objects, from the toothbrush to the smartphone, and their participation in the way we communicate and constitute symbolic entities such as “society,” “culture” or “class and gender identities”. French theory and sociology of education are also important parts of my research interests and public engagement activities.