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Ali joined Westminster Business School in 2019 and is very passionate about student success. His interest in marketing was sparked while studying his MBA at the University of Bradford in 2004, researching the challenges of marketing to businesses in hard-to-reach communities within the city.

Prior to this he had lived and worked in Japan which further stimulated his interest in culture and global business.

Ali found his way into academia after a variety of marketing, consultancy and market research roles. His first teaching post was as an associate lecturer at Bradford University and this was followed by full-time position at Coventry University, which included a significant role as a Link Tutor for the partner institution, the School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE) in Hong Kong.

Ali is currently the Course Leader for the BA International Marketing degree programme.


Ali has taught a wide variety of subjects including Principles of Marketing, Cross Cultural Studies in Marketing, Global Marketing Management and International Market Plannning and Strategy.


Celebrity endorsement

Marketing to hard-to-reach groups

City branding