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Zainab is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Westminster and joined the university as a Visiting Lecturer in 2004. Prior to this, Zainab graduated from her first degree in Psychology in 2003 at the University of Westminster. She then went on to participate on a teaching course at Westminster Exchange and completed her PGCertHE in 2010.


Zainab has taught on a number of different psychology modules at the University of Westminster. These modules include, The Psychology of Education, The History and Philosophy of Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Social Psychology, Advanced Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Advanced Developmental Psychology. Zainab is co-module leader for The Myth and Method in Psychology module that runs at the University of Westminster's Liberal Arts Summer School, Zainab co-wrote the Psychology of City Life module that also runs in the Summer School and is a lecturer on this module.


Zainab's interests include the Psychology of Education, Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

Zainab has been involved in research in the psychology department, investigating first year psychology students learning experiences.