If you need a laptop to support you with your studies, you can borrow one through our laptop loan scheme.

For this academic year (2020–21), laptops are available on loan for the year, with devices due for return at the end of June 2021. If you need a laptop for longer than this, you'll be able to get an extension.

We can provide you with either a Windows laptop, a Macbook Air device, or a higher-spec Macbook Pro device based on course requirements.  

Arranging a laptop loan

First, you need to make a request to your personal tutor who can confirm that there is an academic need for a laptop loan.

If there is an academic need, your tutor will get some relevant details from you. You'll then need to agree to a set of terms and conditions.

Once this has been completed, we'll arrange for you to collect the laptop on one of our campuses or send it to you via the post. Please note, Windows devices are currently only available via campus collection.

Depending on the number of student requests, and stock availability, the timescale from request to delivery is currently around two to four weeks.