Thank you for agreeing to take part in an evaluation of the effects and use of research conducted by academics at University of Westminster. This Participant Information statement explains what will happen if you choose to take part in this evaluation, so you can make an informed choice about whether or not to take part. Participation is voluntary.

What is the evaluation for? This evaluation is for use in REF2021 – a national academic exercise that looks at how research has been put into practice and who it has benefitted (for more information please visit Your evaluation may be quoted from in an impact case study, which may be made publicly available in 2022 at, as well as the university website. While your feedback may be quoted, you can clarify on the Participant Consent form (IM/002) whether you consent to your identifiable information (name / organisation / position) to be included within the case study and these other publications relating to the case study.

What will I be asked to do if I participate? You will be asked to make a written or verbal statement about the beneficial impact of the University of Westminster academic you have worked with.

What will happen to the information I provide? Personal data (information by which you are identifiable) will be stored securely by University of Westminster and will only be used by the academic you are in contact with, the REF team (Research Impact Officer, Head of the Research Office, and the REF Director), and the Unit of Assessment Lead. Your data will be destroyed in December 2021. You can request a copy of your data at any time before this date.

In regard to the attribution of identifiable information to your recorded feedback within the impact case study, please clarify the level of public identification you are comfortable with (i.e. whether you want your name / organization / position excluded from the case study) on the Participant Consent form (IM/002). The impact case study will be submitted to REF2021 ( on 27th November 2020 and so data you have consented to include in this case study will be made available to the REF2021 organisation at that date. The REF2021 organisation will also destroy all personal data in December 2021.

What if I want to withdraw my evaluation? If you do consent to participate, you may withdraw your personal data that is stored with University of Westminster at any time by contacting [email protected]. However, we would appreciate it if you would inform us before 2nd November 2020 (to allow us adequate time to make changes to the impact case study before its submission to REF2021 on 27th November 2020). After 27th November 2020, publicly identifiable information that you have agreed to share will be held by the REF2021 organisation.

Please indicate your consent on the “Participant Consent Form for Research Impact Evaluation” (IM/002) provided, and please do email [email protected] if you have any further questions.

Please download a PDF copy of this information sheet for your records.