The Research Centre for Optimal Health ( ReCOH ) was established to deepen our understanding of the lifestyle-induced accelerated ageing process and to use this knowledge to deliver practical solutions to achieve Optimal Health throughout adult life. 

It is now clear that most humans are not living as long and as healthily as they could be, spending a greater proportion of their lives in an unhealthy state. At the core is a modern sedentary and obesogenic lifestyle that leads to reduced metabolic adaptability and accelerated ageing. At the cellular level, this appears to be associated with reduced mitochondrial function and rising levels of oxidative stress and inflammation. The root cause of this is our removal of natural hormetic factors that throughout evolution have stimulated the system to function optimally.

Emerging scientific concepts and research suggest that life requires small amounts of “stress” to function optimally by inducing robustness. In this new paradigm, Optimal Health should is not viewed simply as the absence of disease, but as a higher state of adaptability that translates into an enhanced ability to maintain homeostasis, leading to a longer and healthier life. For the average person, this means they stay stronger and smarter for longer, and can enjoy a higher quality of life, remaining free of medication and maladies. The ultimate goal of ReCOH is to help the individual, as well as the public as a whole, to make this transition.

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