Miriam Dwek and the breast cancer cookbook team


Dr Miriam Dwek PhD, Leader of the University of Westminster’s Breast Cancer Research Unit, and Dr Claire E Robertson Registered Nutritionist (AfN) have co-authored ‘The Breast Cancer Cookbook’ with renowned breast cancer surgeon Professor Mohammed Keshtgar.

The book features more than 100 recipes aimed at helping people recovering from breast cancer, as well as those concerned about developing the disease, it looks to dispel the myths surrounding diet and cancer with recipes and dietary advice based on the latest medical and scientific research.

The book uses the most recent scientific knowledge (see below) to help those with breast cancer to make appropriate, enjoyable, healthy dietary choices. The recipes and information reflect latest scientific understanding of the interplay between diet and lifestyle and breast cancer outcomes and serve to de-bunk some of the myths surrounding what can and cannot be eaten by patients who have had a breast cancer diagnosis.

Countering traditional ‘foods/nutrients to avoid’ guidance, the recipes focus on enjoying the scientifically-proven benefits of foods and nutrients. The book takes its perspective from experiences shared by patients. Drawing from sound scientific evidence, the simple-to-prepare recipes aim to tackle key-issues faced during treatment by breast cancer patients, in recipes which will be enjoyed by everyone – helping put enjoyment back into eating experiences.

The recipes from the cookbook have been well received by patients, and have made their way into the Royal Free London hospital restaurants. To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2015, chefs at Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital have offered dishes taken straight from the cookbook.


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