Film BA Honours student Miquel Sierra Altarriba, who is in his second year at the University of Westminster, has directed two music videos for Victoria Caro, an emerging Spanish Pop singer.

Miquel Sierra Altarriba
Miquel Sierra Altarriba

The most recent music video for Victoria Caro’s song ‘Me Vienes Así’ came out on 26 March this year and has received over 240,000 views. Miquel worked alongside focus puller Pau Ollé, producer Paula Pinazo and Julia Rossetti, a colourist who has worked with high-profile artists such as Selena Gomez. As well as working with these industry professionals, Miquel collaborated with lecturer Aidan McCarthy from the University of Westminster to create the sound mix for the music video. 

The story in the music video follows Victoria, who is the leader of a criminal group of five women, as they run away to a motel with stolen money and are caught by the authorities. The video is a very exciting watch, involving many different scenes and outfit changes.

Miénteme, the music video which came out in September last year, was Victoria Caro’s first single and has received over 710,000 views on YouTube. It has also been awarded the Gold Winner 2021 prize at the International Independent Film Awards and reached the semi-finals at the Catharsis International Film and Video Festival.

The idea behind the Miénteme music video was to use visual metaphors to express the emotional journey of overcoming a past relationship. The team’s intention was to associate pain and heartbreak to the water, the statue, and the chiaroscuro lighting present in the first few scenes. Other golden elements, golden costumes, candles and images of female empowerment were associated with Victoria Caro’s personal strength.

Talking about his experience directing the ‘Me Vienes Así’ music video, Miquel said: “As a director, my first challenge was to come up with a narrative that took inspiration from American neo-noir thrillers and combine it with powerful choreography sequences while giving Victoria the female pop star image that represents her. Some of my references were the narrative music videos Lady Gaga released in the early 2010s, Rihanna’s crime inspired videos and Claudia Valentia for her dance sequences.

"I collaborated with editor Cristian Ossorio during the post-production process, and his experienced view was very helpful when trying to prioritise acting, cinematography and other elements present in the takes we selected. Director of Photography and Producer Romà Cots and I worked with Julia Rossetti, whose knowledgeable advice helped refine the colour grading in the final stages of post-production.”

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