The third annual SecUnity event organised by Senior Lecturer Chee Yeung and run by Computer Network Security BSc Honours students took place at the University of Westminster in March, welcoming almost 100 attendees to an evening of presentations and talks dedicated to cyber security.


The event hosted Computer Network Security BSc Honours students, alumni, prospective students and employers, providing a platform for current students to gain a wider exposure to the current cyber security challenges, broaden their perspective of the field and gain insights into how to enter the field upon completion of their studies.  

Industry guests and alumni gave presentations on a range of cyber security topics, while some second and final students also gave technical presentations and demonstrations on specific threats. 

Over 20 companies and organisations were represented, including the Metropolitan Police, Cisco Meraki, London Stock Exchange, Barclays, Oracle and NCC Group. A number of these organisations also gave presentations on the cyber security challenges they face and what it is like to work in cyber security.  

The headline guest speaker for the event was renowned cyber security expert Mike Jones.  With years of experience and application of his skills working in the commercial and military sector, he gave a thought-provoking talk about how rights were impacted by the power given to government agencies through legislation and the latest emerging threats relating to internet connected home assistants and smart technology that so many homes now have.

The formal presentations were followed by a social event, giving students the opportunity to network with graduates and the guest presenter. Industry experts spoke with current students about career advice and gave recommendations on final year projects. Alumni also shared information about job openings at their organisations.

Talking about the event, one attendee said: “All the presentations were very interesting, and it allowed me to meet people who have already graduated and working in the field. They were able to give great insight and advice, and many others from the cybersecurity field came who had a broad range of experience to share from the diverse backgrounds and companies they come from.”

Another guest added: “After listening to all the presentations, it showed just how big the cyber security field is and the opportunities with it. The speakers studied my degree and they have progressed in very admirable ways into the cybersecurity field. Their hard work and effort put in was clear during their talks and inspired me to take similar steps to get where they are.”

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