Third year Public Relations and Advertising BA Honours students are organising and hosting their own virtual degree show, where they will showcase their final project campaigns.

Logo for the degree show with blue background and title

The students are launching a website for the degree show on Monday 17 May which will display their final projects, where they were required to design and pitch an integrated Public Relations and Advertising campaign, as well as their bio and contact details for potential employers. The students’ campaigns cover various issues and topics such as discrimination, education poverty, health and beauty. 

The show, entitled ‘Together – no matter what’, emphasises the importance of collective effort and being together no matter the circumstances caused by the pandemic, as well as the diversity of the University and the course, with students living all around the world and still being able to study, learn and grow together. The students have been using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok to promote the website.

The degree show website is aimed at anyone interested in studying Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Westminster, students wanting to learn more about campaigning, and professionals looking for new creativity and talent. It gives the audience the opportunity to connect and interact with the students whose work will be displayed through likes and comment sections on the website.

Talking about the degree show, final year Public Relations and Advertising student Darja König said: “The main goal in mind was to give us students the opportunity to present what we have been working towards collectively in these troubling times. Three years of our studies have come to an end in somewhat unexpected circumstances and this project is our chance to get our ideas out there, as well as to connect with potential employers. Together, we can shape the future of PR and Advertising, and this degree show offers an excellent platform to showcase that.”

Student Georgi Georgiev added: “My role in the degree show was PR strategist, where I led the PR strategy team. To be honest, given the circumstances and the requirement of online correspondence, it has been a challenge to ensure smooth communication. Nevertheless, I have definitely improved my leadership and communication skills. The degree show is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our final projects and demonstrate the skills acquired over the last three years. It is also an excellent chance to reach out to potential employers and people who work in the field of PR and Advertising.”

Free tickets are available from 11 to 28 May, but the website will still be visible to the public after this period. 

To attend the degree show, free tickets can be found on Eventbrite. 

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