Professor Pippa Catterall, Professor on the History and Politics BA Honours course, appeared on The Conversation’s The Anthill Podcast to discuss the political context of the post-war period in the UK. 


The Anthill Podcast series ‘Recovery’ explores the key moments in history when the world recovered from a major crisis or shock. In the fourth episode, they discussed what happened in the UK after the Second World War.

Professor Catterall said about the political context at the end of the war: “In 1945 Labour, somewhat to their surprise and indeed to the surprise of many people in the country, not least in the Conservative Party, won a landslide election. They had only managed to win 150-odd seats at the previous election in 1935. Ten years had elapsed and there were points during the war where they expected that if they’d, for instance, left the coalition early, which was set up with Prime Minster Churchill in May 1940, they would be trashed in an ensuing general election. 

Listen to the full podcast on The Conversation.

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