Professor Dibyesh Anand, Lecturer on the History and Politics BA Honours course, has been featured in an article published on Live Mint about the effects of the protests in Hong Kong.

Professor Dibyesh Anand

The Hong Kong protests were triggered when an extradition bill, which has now been scrapped, was introduced that would mean Hong Kong citizens could be extradited to mainland China. Critics believed that this could undermine the city’s judicial independence. 

Professor Anand said: “The protests are a sign of failure of ‘one country two systems’, which in practice has meant a creeping direct influence of Beijing when the idea was to protect autonomy and support greater democratisation in Hong Kong.

“Tiananmen was a mass protest by students, workers and other, many of whom were sons and daughters of the communist party leaders. It was a crisis within the CCP. Hong Kong protests, from the view of Beijing, are in periphery, and led by those who are not part of the ruling system.” 

Read the full article on Live Mint.

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