Professor Andrew Groves, who teaches on the Fashion Design BA Honours course, has been quoted in an article published by The Guardian about the latest trend labelled ‘cottagecore’. 


During lockdown, David Beckham has published numerous photos of himself, in some of which he is wearing a flat cap, corduroys and woolly cardigan or jumper.

Professor Groves said: “As we emerge from lockdown, men are embracing cottagecore as a means to convey a more romanticised ideal of masculinity. Beckham has idealised the agricultural worker and reimagined himself as the gamekeeper from Lady Chatterley’s Lover.”

He added: “Those original 90s ravers are now to be found on the moors, both rambling and raving, wearing a mixture of cords, knitwear and country smocks.” In that sense, he believes cottagecore is a trend that “is only going to become more prominent over the coming years.”

Read the full article on The Guardian website.

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