The Difference Festival has begun with two exhibitions on display in the foyer of the Regent Street Campus.  

Fish eye's view by Dr Sigrun Lange

The two free exhibitions will be on show in the Regent Street Campus foyer from 9:30am – 5:30pm from 24-28 February.

The first exhibition titled ‘Imagery of Nature: The True Art of the Microscopic’ is a display of microscopic images from the School of Life Sciences that seem out of this world. The exhibition presents high quality poster print-outs of stunning images created through the research and teaching in life sciences, exploring cells and tissues from the body or grown in the laboratory in 2D and 4D. The exhibition aims to awaken curiosity, stimulate the mind, evoke emotions and generate interest in science, represented in this exhibition as rarely seen through the artful displays. 

The second exhibition titled ‘Imagery of Nature: Photography and Nature’ displays the work of Mara Leite, a multiple award-winning photographer who has won the National Geographic Outdoor Photographer of the Year and one of the Top 100 Landscape Photographers of the Year in the EPSON International Pano Awards. She is also currently a doctoral researcher in Astrobiology at the University. 

Leite said about her photography: “Nowadays I make my home in London, enjoying the cityscapes with some of the most architecturally creative buildings in the world, as well as landscapes of the English coast and countryside. However, I do still love travelling and taking shots in a variety of new and exciting places.

“Typically, my photography features optimal light at either sunrise or sunset, and I’ve always loved shooting reflections from puddles, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. At the same time, I do love waking up to morning mist or fog too.” 

These exhibitions are part of the Difference Festival at the University of Westminster taking place between 24-28 February. Explore the idea of ‘truth’ with a colourful array of free public workshops, discussions, activities and talks at the University of Westminster. The Difference Festival, curated by the academic staff from the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Westminster, is an annual event open to the public to learn more about the world around us. 

The cover image featured is titled Fish eye’s view and is by Dr Sigrun Lange, Senior Lecturer in the Tissue Architecture and Regeneration Research Group

Dr Lange said: “I have worked on fish larval development for many years and use a variety of immunohistological stains to highlight different proteins that I am studying in tissues of all organs of the developing larvae, including in the eye shown here. I am particularly in awe of the fish eye which here is shown in a cross-section, highlighting the complexity and sheer beauty of the arrangement of the different neuronal layers and photoreceptors. This image has been slightly manipulated – how?  At this age stage the fish larvae are approximately 1 cm long and this is a magnification of a cross section through the whole eye. Fish never stop growing – and therefore fish eyes undergo pretty extensive lifelong tissue remodelling!”

Find out more about the full programme and book your free tickets on the Difference Festival website.

Mara Leite's Tower Bridge and Daffodils

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