Dr Sigrun Lange, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences and Biology, gave an interview to BBC Radio Guernsey on her research about the impact of sea temperature rise on fish.


She said: “What we were looking for is whether we could find any biomarkers relating to the temperature. We identified biomarkers which was very exciting. These markers were related to the immune system which fish use to defend themselves against viruses, parasites and bacteria. Also, we identified biomarkers related to growth.”

Dr Lange added: “The changes in sea temperature mean that fish will be less able to defend themselves against infections and it also impacts how they grow. Certain fish grow at certain temperatures, in certain waters. So, if the water temperature changes, that can affect how they grow in that water.”

Dr Lange explained that they tested fish in waters of four and nine degree Celsius. She concluded: “It is ground-breaking how small temperature changes, we found, can have a big effect.”

The headline result of the study was mentioned several times on the channel.

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