Following the news of his death, Dr Monica Germana, Senior Lecturer on the Creative Writing and English Literature BA Honours course, wrote an article for The Conversation about Sean Connery’s depiction of James Bond and his five best Bond films.


In the article, Dr Germana discussed Sean Connery’s depiction of James Bond, and wrote: “Connery’s Bond embodied the post-war ideal of masculinity, a complex mix of old-fashioned charm and tough virility, loyalty to ‘Queen and Country’, and relaxed sexual mores…Like his literary incarnation, the cinematic Bond launched by Connery caused disdain and thrilled audiences of both sexes in equal measures.”

Following her discussion of the five best Bond movies which Connery featured in, she added: “Most of us will cringe, today, at the bottom-slapping, the ‘man talk’ and the colonial attitudes that we see in the early Bond movies. But Connery’s Bond is more nuanced than we think, and his white British masculinity is rarely left unchallenged. He was a Bond for his time.”

Read the full article on The Conversation’s website.

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