Dr Kathryn Waddington, Reader in Work and Organisational Psychology, was interviewed on LBC about the effect of remote working on health and wellbeing.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures, many businesses and their employees have turned to working from home. 

Dr Waddington said: “I think it’s really important to think about health and wellbeing in a kind of holistic integrated way. And if you think about what we mean by mental health, it’s about a state of wellbeing in which people are able to cope with the pressure and the stress and work productively. But what I think is really important is emotional health, psychological health, but also social wellbeing. People who are working remotely, working from home, they’re really missing the kind of social interaction. So for me it’s really important thinking about those things like people’s leaving dos, going on maternity leave, the social interactions that people normally have. People really miss that.” 

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