Dr Bradley Elliott, Lecturer in Physiology, was quoted in an article by The Times about whether you can alter your biological age. The article was published to mark the launch of the Channel 4 series which Dr Elliott helped film, entitled ‘How to Beat: Ageing’.

Bradley Elliott

Drawing on his research, Dr Elliott said: “In many people, their biological age gets measurably worse from about the age of 35. If they take the right steps to change, their health span improves, which means they will likely live both longer and healthier lives.”

Talking about telomeres, which are markers that protect cells and can provide insight into a cell’s functional age, he said: “Telomeres are another biomarker of how well you’re ageing. They are less prone to respond to short-term interventions, but we wanted to see if there was any variation after five weeks. There’s good documented evidence that physical activity produces changes in telomere length.”

Dr Elliott also commented on how increasing your daily exercise can improve your biological age. He added: “If you can pick up your walking duration and pace, it’s a hugely powerful thing to do for healthy ageing.”

Read the full article on The Times’ website.

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