Dr Bradley Elliott, Lecturer in Physiology, was interviewed by BBC Radio London about Westminster’s Difference Festival.

Bradley Elliott

In the interview, Dr Elliott discussed the Difference Festival, which happened last week at Regent Campus. Drawing upon the event, he said: “The University of Westminster has a wide range of academics. I get to curate this entire week, but it’s been really interesting for me to see all these amazing things we do.

“One of the talks, for example, is about how geology has shaped human history and one is about migrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea and how under-reported these statistics seem to be in the media, so that’s the kind of wide-ranging festival we have.”

Dr Elliott spoke about his own event and research of investigating a person’s biological age. He said: “We can take many measures, some genetic, some physical like how your muscles are doing, and try to figure out how well you are doing and how old your body seems as opposed to how old you really are. That’s what we call your biological age.”

Discussing how this is measured, he said: “The way we’re doing it is by measuring muscle strength. We know as we get older our muscles don’t work as well and a lot of aging is maintaining muscle mass and independence.

“We’re measuring muscle mass very quickly, showing people how they compare to the norm and how they could be doing.”

Listen to the full interview on BBC Sounds.

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