Dr Aidan Hehir, Reader and Course Leader of the International Relations MA, has written an article for The Conversation about the fall of Kosovo’s government during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Dr Hehir wrote: “When the government of Kosovo fell on March 25 after losing a no-confidence vote, some reports suggested it was prompted by the government’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. This is simply not true. Instead, it was driven by domestic forces desperate to block change, and the US administration’s determination to remove a government unwilling to comply with its demands.

“After the October 2019 general election, left-wing Vetevendosje emerged as the largest party in Kosovo’s parliament. Vetevendosje’s popularity is built on its agenda for change, including commitments to reduce unemployment and social deprivation, and, most particularly, tackle the corruption which has plagued Kosovo for decades.”

Read the full article on The Conversation. 

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