Chantal Gautier, Lecturer in Psychology and Business, was interviewed by BBC World News and Channel 4 about relationships in the workplace.


Discussing relationships between co-workers, and relationship contracts known as ‘love contracts’ at work, she said: “I think it’s natural and if it’s above board and transparent, then we can talk about it. 

“I think love contracts are much better than banning it all together because it’s going to happen, if you ban it, then you drive it underground and it’s not transparent.”

She added: “In terms of code of conduct, about how to behave in the organisation in a relationship, it’s also about how you behave when the relationship is broken down, what happens then? I think that’s the bit we tend to neglect and organisations don’t know how to manage that because it’s not transparent, it’s messy and we need to train people in how to manage that.”

She also said that we need to think about why people engage in relationships at work, and said: “We are meeting like-minded people in the workplace. Recruitment is key, we’re talking about organisations that are recruiting people similar to one another.”

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