Below is a selection of highlights for the Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture in July.

Black and white group photo of band Fleetwood Mac in the dressing room, now the near end of the cafe area, in Westminster's Little Titchfield Street building
Fleetwood Mac in the dressing room, now the near end of the cafe area, in the Little Titchfield Street building. (c) Magnum Archives. Courtesy of Nigel Molden

We were delighted to see Matthew Morrison’s play ‘Dance’ premiered and launched online on 20 July. This was the first brand new production by the Soho Poly theatre in 30 years, and was highlighted in The Guardian as one the hottest seats online. Guy Osborn was also interviewed by Brad Elliot about developments in the Soho Poly, its ethos and future plans as part of the Different Conversations podcast.

The play runs until 7 August on the ‘Dance The Play’ website.

The paper Events in London parks: the friends’ perspective, written by Dr Andrew Smith and Dr Goran Vodicka as part of our FESTSPACE project, was launched at the  Eventful Parks launch event on 13 July. 

Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn had ‘Flags of convenience? Sport & nationality at the Olympic and Paralympic Games’ published in the Routledge Handbook of Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Finally, we were saddened to hear of the death of Peter Green; his obituary in The Guardian gives a flavour of his amazing life and career. The photo shows Fleetwood Mac on the stairs in our Little Titchfield Street building, now the Law School (Peter Green is on the left) and in April we commemorated their performance in what is now a lecture theatre with a 'ghost gig' as part of the Disrupting the Everyday project. A recording of this is available on the Westminster Panopto page with Guy Osborn's introduction beginning at 11.00 minutes and the Fleetwood Mac performance beginning at around 23.00. Peter Green RIP

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