Students from the Westminster Business School raised £976 for a variety of charities as part of a business challenge in their module.

Winning team's PowerPoint opening slide with charity and team logo

Last week, students formed groups and held an array of events to raise funds for their chosen charities that they are passionate about. The project was held in the Postgraduate Entrepreneurial Mindset and Opportunities Creation module, as part of the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise Development MSc course. 

Three student groups on the module competed to raise the most funds for their chosen charity. The winning group were Adroit who raised £434 for Hullo, a non-profit organisation providing a phoneline service for people who feel isolated, want guidance or just want to talk to someone. East Coast Group came in second place, raising £319 for Dogs for Good, and Gurus raised £223 for Cancer Research UK. 

The winning group consisted of Jamie Kingsley, Loredana-Claudia Marta, Amir Mekhalfia and Marie Michel. Some of the activities that they organised in order to raise funds for Hullo included a raffle, an event on the Clubhouse app and innovative social media campaigns.

Talking about the project, Module Leader Dr Spinder Dhaliwal said: "I was impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the students. They had to complete this challenge against the odds with the COVID-19 situation, virtually and with limited time. They used their entrepreneurial mindset and were resilient in the face of setbacks.”

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