Cycling to, from and between campuses is one of the most environmentally sustainable methods of transport. It's also cheaper than public transport, and good for your health.

The University of Westminster provides facilities for cyclists at most campuses. But stay safe on the roads – read our security and safety tips below.

Facilities by campus

Facility Space available

University bicycle racks




Showers 5
Santander TfL cycle hire scheme There is provision for 19 bicycles at a docking station on New Cavendish Street 

The bicycle racks and showers are located in the basement of the building. To get into the basement, take your student ID card to reception and ask for basement access to be added.

Great Portland Street

There are three council-provided bicycle racks on the street outside the University building.

Facility Space available
University bicycle racks 130
Showers 10

There are a number of places you can park your bike on the Harrow campus. There is room for 70 bikes near the entrance to the lecture theatres (next to the wall) and room for ten bicycles near the lift entrance to the Maria Hewlett building (next to the glass windows).

On the roadside near the roundabout footpath is room for another ten bicycles and alongside the delivery entrance of the Maria Hewlett building are another ten spaces

Facility Space available

University bicycle racks




Showers 5
Barclays TfL cycle hire scheme There is provision for 19 bicycles at a docking station on Marylebone Road.

The lockers are not intended for long-term use but only for the time that you are in the shower. If you intend to use a locker you will have to provide your own lock.

Facility Space available
Showers 10
Santander TfL cycle hire scheme There is provision for 12 bicycles at a docking station at Portland Place

The gym is located in the basement of 309 Regent Street.

Little Titchfield Street

The closest bicycle rack to the Little Titchfield St campus is on Middleton Place, off Langham Street. There are also a number of racks on Langham Street.

Wells Street

There are no street racks on Wells Street, but there are a number nearby on Mortimer Street, Great Titchfield Street and Oxford Street. There are also bicycles available through the TfL cycle hire scheme.

Facility Space available
University bicycle racks 34
Showers 9

The bicycle racks are at ground level, under the balcony of the pavilion.

Safety and security


Be seen. This may sound obvious, but during the dark winter nights it's dangerous to wear dark clothing – other road users simply cannot see you. Buy and wear high visibility clothing or, if you don't want to do that, buy high visibility stickers for your bike and stick them everywhere.

During the summer, daylight lasts longer and your primary concern will be to keep cool. Try fingerless gloves during summer as they will help protect you if you have a fall. Wearing a helmet is not mandatory in the UK.


Good quality cycling clothing is available almost anywhere and there are a number of cycling stores near the University's campuses. This kit will last, and if you invest in weather-proofed items it will make the riding during the winter months more pleasant. It could increase the number of days you can cycle.


A bicycle can be a big investment and you need to make sure that no-one can steal your treasured possession. As a rule of thumb, the cycling shops recommend that you should spend 10% of the value of the bike on security. This might mean that you buy a good quality "D" lock and even an extension cable (if you have quick release wheels then these are an easy target for thieves). Try and park your bike where there is good street lighting and security cameras.

The West End of London is a bike thief's paradise, so take precautions and lock up. If a front wheel is stolen it could cost you a fair bit of money; the wheel, plus a new tyre and a new inner tube. This, and the inconvenience of not being able to use the bike until it's fixed, is strong motivation to be prepared and lock up.

Transport for London cycling information

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