Congratulations on being offered a place on our doctoral research programme!

Here at Westminster, we pride ourselves on pursuing leading, innovative research in both theory and practice, in Britain and across the world. Our doctoral researchers make an important contribution to these research efforts and play a key role in nurturing a vibrant, high-quality research culture. The Graduate School is here to support and encourage our doctoral and post-doctoral research community.

On this page, you will find the key information you need to help you prepare for and begin your research degree programme.

The Graduate School Orientation programme is part of the wider Welcome to Westminster programme. This is designed to introduce you to the University, its services and facilities, and allow you to start building relationships with staff and fellow students. Critically, the orientation programme covers key information and guidance regarding your doctoral programme and the support available to you.

For more information, visit our Graduate School page.

Professor Leigh Wilson
Director, Graduate School

Enrolment and orientation: Where and when?

Enrolment takes place online and further information is available on the Enrolment page.

The Doctoral Researcher enrolment and orientation programme can be found at the link below. This provides information about your welcome programme and specific details for your project: