At Volunteering Services, we are keen to recognise our student volunteering contributions that have helped both society and your own personal development. 

If you have participated in volunteering within the last academic year, we would encourage you to complete the Student Volunteer Recognition Form so that we can reward you for your efforts. The deadline to do this is on Monday 3 May.  

We recognise that volunteering is as diverse as the millions of people who do it. So, whether you have volunteered for a charity or community group for a day or extended period, within the University or Student Union, or established your own project for the social benefit of others, you’ll be eligible to apply.  

The Westminster Employability Award is open to all students and supports your career and personal development by formally recognising the extra-curricular activities you complete during your time at University of Westminster. If you have completed more than 25 hours of volunteering, by completing the Student Volunteer Recognition Form, you will gain 10 points towards the award! However, if you have volunteered for a shorter time, fear not - irrespective of the length of your volunteering, you can apply for a Certificate of Achievement, further enhancing your CV!  

If you feel that through volunteering, you have made an outstanding contribution to society in general, we encourage you to nominate yourself for the award of ‘Student Volunteer of the Year’. If successful, you will be invited to attend the Westminster Employability Awards Celebration in June and will be awarded a prize for your volunteering success.  To apply for student volunteer of the year simply complete the relevant section at the end of the Student Volunteer Recognition Form


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