What is it?   

Green Dot is an active bystander training programme focusing on sexual abuse, domestic abuse and harassment. This overview session is generalised training that explores the main concepts of the active bystander initiative. The skills learnt are not just applicable to incidences of power-based personal violence, they can be used in any situation where there is a risk of escalation or harm.   

What should you expect?    

  • 90-minute online training session   
  • Interactive with various activities    
  • Expect to be challenged or to challenge!  

What will it cover?   

  • How to identify warning signs and intervene safely  
  • Different intervention techniques  
  • Understanding your own barriers  
  • How to challenge norms   

What will you gain?   

  • An understanding of power based personal violence  
  • Increased confidence to provide support  
  • Enhanced employability through transferable skills e.g. communication skills  
  • Ability to proactively make a difference  
  • 10 points towards the Westminster Employability Award  

If you have any accessibility needs or requirements, or any questions about the training, please email us at [email protected]  

Please note that this training comes with a trigger warning, as it explores sensitive issues such as sexual abuse, domestic abuse and harassment. If at any point during the training you feel uncomfortable you can privately message the trainer. They are all trained in supporting you along the programme.  

If you're unable to attend the session but are interested in being notified of any future sessions, register your interest for future sessions here.  

The training will take place live online and a link will be sent out via email to those who have registered.