Disrupt Your Everyday

As part of the Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture's Disrupt the Everyday project, we have run a series of ghost gigs over the past two years.

Essentially the idea is that we tap into the University’s musical history, specifically by looking at bands and artists that have played the University, and celebrate their performances. Where we can source a recording of the performance, we arrange a playback of the recording on the anniversary of the day on which it took place, as far as possible in the space in which it took place, but do this at lunchtime to give you a potentially unusual way to enjoy your lunch and disrupt your day with something cultural. We have previously run events involving playbacks of gigs by Fleetwood Mac, New Order and redskins.

Two special events are coming up in this series. Whilst researching the Soho Poly Basement, we found a pre-history of the space when it was used as an Arts Workshop, and hosted gigs organised by the polyfolk society. Excitingly, the former Chair of this group has given us copies of recordings he made direct from the ‘sound desk’. We are now intending to run two ghost gigs of polyfolk performances, on the 50th anniversary of when these took place, and in the space where these were originally performed.

Both gigs will take place in the Soho Poly Basement, at the Little Titchfield Street (LTS) site. Access to the space is either via the front entrance to LTS, go through the barriers and follow the signs, or via the original entrance to the space at the rear of the building – go to the rear entrance to LTS and look for the red door and the steps down! 

These are far from perfect recordings but provide a fascinating insight into music at the Poly at the time and an opportunity to explore the space. 

  • Ghost Gig 004 – Michael Claire, 1.00, 19 February, Soho Poly Basement 

  • Ghost Gig 005 – Maureen Kennedy Martin, 1.00, 5 March, Soho Poly Basement 

All students welcome, please contact the two below organisers if you wish to attend. Coffee will be provided.

[email protected]
[email protected]