Film, TV and radio studios

Our film and TV facilities include a wide range of high-end professional studios, edit facilities and specialist spaces.

Both studios measure 11x17x6.2 meters (WxLxH) and are double-height studios with a spiral staircase for quick access to the control rooms and a large slide door to the Scenery Bay.

Film studio

Our film studio features lighting ranging from 1k to 10k (color temperature), HMI space lights, dolly, tracks and the space can be surrounded by the ceiling track mounted black CYC curtains and associated grip equipment.

The 1,800 sq ft double-height studio is ideal for large-scale performances.

TV studio

The multicamera TV studio is equipped with four widescreen cameras, three with script monitors, and features separate audio and video galleries, both recently upgraded, offering 48 channel digital audio and 64 channel lighting control and a top-of-the-range multicamera and greenscreen Tri-caster.

Dressing and green rooms

Next to the studios are two dressing rooms, (2.1x4m WxL) for actor prepping, changing and make-up and a green-room (3.7x4m WxL)

Radio studio

Four recently updated all-digital radio studios and three control rooms with Logitech desks, all of which have access to Burli news wires, Myriad playout system and outside phone lines.

The studios are connected to a fourth studio in London's West End for contributors and have a mobile TieLine unit for bringing in reporters feeds while on the road.

Edit suites

Nine Mac Pro suites with multi-screen displays, with the latest industry-standard software, everything from Avid and Final Cut Pro X to Adobe CC and Microsoft Office.

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