There are a number of different ways your organisation can benefit from the support of our students.

To make sure you are compliant with UK law and University policy, it is important that you first distinguish between different types of opportunity.

The UK’s National Minimum Wage Act 1998 (NMW) sets out specific criteria distinguishing different types of unpaid volunteer roles, which are exempt from minimum wage requirements:

  • Volunteering – roles that are unpaid, non-contractual and without fixed hours or obligations. In these roles, volunteers contribute on an ad hoc basis, according to their own preferences
  • Voluntary work – roles that are unpaid but nonetheless include contractual hours. In these roles, workers receive a higher level of support, and are in turn required to contribute specific hours and meet other terms of their contract
  • Live projects – live projects are usually standalone and short-term, and include "the negotiation of a brief, timescale, budget and product between an educational organisation and an external collaborator for their mutual benefit. The project must be structured to ensure that students gain learning that is relevant to their educational development" (Live Projects Network, 2017)
  • Work shadowing – usually comprises a series of short-term visits (for example over a week) allowing students to gain insight into a role through observing an individual staff member (so they are usually not participating directly in the role)

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