To post or develop volunteer opportunities through the University of Westminster, your organisation should:

  • be a third-sector organisation – including unincorporated associations, registered charities, social enterprises (ie community interest companies, co‐operatives, industrial and provident societies whose governing documents affirm not-for-profit status), public bodies (ie local and national government, NHS, government commissions and agencies) and international NGOs (ie the UN and its agencies, WHO etc)
  • not impose conditions of volunteering (directly or indirectly)
  • develop opportunities which primarily serve for the public good – see a definition of 'public good' on the website
  • be non-discriminatory in selecting candidates
  • be willing to accommodate students with special needs
  • be up to date and compliant with your core set of policies and procedures (eg health and safety, equal opportunities, personal data and privacy principles, expenses etc)
  • have relevant insurance to cover volunteers
  • provide clear, detailed materials for advertised opportunities (eg person specification)
  • have capacity to induct, train, place and support volunteers
  • offer feedback to both student and the University on request
  • recognise student contribution (eg feedback, certificates, character referees)

Additionally, if a voluntary opportunity is not linked to an accredited course, your organisation should:

  • meet exemption criteria of the National Minimum Wage Act (1998)
  • limit total duration of a vacancy to 240 hours (or 12 weeks at 20 hours per week)
  • include support for student’s personal and professional growth
  • flexibly accommodate a student’s prior schedule commitments and availability
  • cover all relevant out-of-pocket expenses (eg lunch, travel)
  • undertake activities relevant to a student’s study area